Hand-crafted Mats was created in 2020, when the owner saw a custom door mat on a friend’s social media account and became interested in how they were made. From there the owner started to research how much the custom mats were selling for and what was used to create them. After hours of research she found a cutting machine that would create the vision she was looking for. She then purchased this cutting machine and grew love for creating custom door mats and wall decals, that would bring customers custom ideas to life. The owner hand paints every order as if it were her own door mat with love.

The owner was born in Houston, Texas and raised in Kansas City. She currently resides back in Houston after completing her undergraduate studies in Oklahoma. The owner has been an elementary educator for the past 8 years; five of those years were spent teaching English in Kuwait to Kuwaiti students and other middle eastern nationals at an American school.The owner decided to move back to America when one of her siblings passed away; she knew she needed to be back closer to her family. While home for her sister’s services the school called and asked if she could return to Kuwait early from her bereavement leave; it was very upsetting. This is when the owner realized she needed to start her own business, and move back to the states, where she could be free and enjoy her time with family; from there Hand-crafted Mats was birth.

 Thank you in advance for shopping with Hand-crafted Mats!!!